Product Solution

We will provide software solutions and services that incorporate our Business Intelligence "Overlay" onto the existing ACH payment network to create:

  • Opportunities for our clients to generate TRUE Incremental Sales
  • Opportunities for our clients to drive INCREMENTAL Retail Profits
  • Opportunities for our clients develop Just In-Time Inventory Management
  • Cash Flow Enhancements
  • Operational cost efficiencies and a lower cost payment option
  • Consumer friendly payment plans allowing opportunity for building Consumer Loyalty 
  • Fully automated work flow staging for exception processing-back office and treasury processes capable of delivering operational efficiencies and cash flow maximization
  • Opportunities for leveraging transaction volumes /scale of all our clients using our services.

We will provide turnkey alternative payment solutions for the credit underserved/challenged at a substantial savings to traditional Tender costs##, all with superior appeal to consumers.

## Non-Cash Tenders including Bank cards, Proprietary Credit,Layaway and Checks.