Our proprietary PayAway®  suite of solutions open up huge potential for Incremental Big Ticket Retail sales on a "Guaranteed Target Minimum Margins"**!

 **- Subject to Approved and Performing PayAway Plan consummated on an Approved Performing PayAway Plan linked to a valid ACH "eligible" Checking or Savings Account with a US Bank.

Product Solution

  • FairShare's "smarter and easier ACH" proprietary payment solutions (PayAway®/ Payaway® Prime) can be customized and controlled by the Retail Merchant.
  • Incremental sales achieved through an extended customer base(includes traditional credit turndowns or those with no/thin credit).
  • Increased average ticket achieved through enhancements to individual customer's purchasing power.
  • Lower tender costs potential than ANY other NON CASH tender available to generate incremental "NO PROFIT RISK**" sales!
  • Increase profits and cash flow potential using our proprietary software and "Business Intelligence".
  • Enhanced sales, inventory management, and forecasting capabilities.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and goodwill acheived by offering an Interest Free payment option, for those without enough cash or access to credit. Also affords an opportunity for no credit history customers to establish payment history to help establish future credit. 

**-"NO LOST PROFIT RISK" means minimally, target profit on a cash basis when Point of Sale transactions are compliant.